Q: Do I have to undo the Trash Buddy before garbage pickup?
A: No. The Trash Buddy is designed to come undone when your garbage can is tipped completely upside down.
Q: Do I need to undo the Trash Buddy to put garbage in my trash can?
A: No. Most of the time, you will be able to open your trash can lid with little effort when adding garbage.
Q: Will the Trash Buddy keep out animals?
A: Yes. The Trash Buddy was designed for this. When properly installed, Trash Buddy is dog and raccoon proof, and should keep most other animals out as well.
Q: What does the Trash Buddy kit include?
A: 1 Trash Buddy cord, 6 bracket screws, installation tape, and a 3-Hook bracket.
Q: How do I know what tension my Trash Buddy should be at?
A:  For light weight garbage loads, attach end to the first hook. For medium weight loads, attach end to the second hook. For Heavy or over-the-top loads, use the third hook on the 3–Hook bracket.